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love-thesmall-things asked: Oh no, you're not privileged. You have to *work* for what you want. How sad! How dare your parents not help pay for your car. At least you have parents, a home, the opportunity to buy a car. You are so lucky, you have no idea. Stop complaining.

THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS. My dad won’t let me work because he fears it’ll interfere with my studies and he’s strict like that. I couldn’t work even if I wanted to. As for my parents, they already live in separate houses and are on the verge of divorce (they flat out told me the day I go off to college is the day they go down to the courthouse to file one). And as for my house, we can barely afford it and it’s taking everything in our power to pay for it. And the whole car thing, I can’t legally buy one yet because I’m not 18. So I kind of need my parents’ help. Because God forbid a child actually needs their parents’ help. Yeah, I’ll admit I’m more privileged than the average Asian girl on this planet but jesus fucking christ, am I not allowed to complain? Oh my god, my life isn’t as bad as some people in America so I’m not allowed to complain about ANYTHING or else I’m labeled as bitchy.

I’m not gonna sit here and type out EVERYTHING shitty about my life because I don’t need to prove myself to you. I know that I’m not living a perfect life and it’s fucking stressful. Life is stressful.

What was the fucking point of this message anyway? Did you think this shitty-worded, rude ask was going to give me some big epiphany about my life and how “not shitty” it is? As if I’ve never heard that before. Yes, I’m grateful for everything I have (even when it’s not much) but Jesus Christ, I’m allowed to have problems too. Don’t want to see me rant about my PERSONAL problems on my PERSONAL blog? There’s an unfollow button for a reason. Utilize it. I’d take 10 kind followers over 10,000 asshole followers any day.

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All this time
I drank you like the cure when maybe
you were the poison."
— Clementine von Radics  (via intensional)





Collide with the Sky is the third full length studio album from American post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil.
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‘I Don’t Know What I Did But It Worked’ — A thrilling story about my academic life


there r a lot of shitty things in this world but at least we have fall out boy


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